The Kawartha Family Court Assessment Service acknowledges the intrinsic worth and dignity of each individual.  It recognizes the special needs of the children and families with whom it works, and that the issues addressed and interventions undertaken, are of the highest importance to those involved.  The work undertaken by the Agency will reflect this level of importance.  The guiding principle of the Agency’s services will be the best interest of the child, and will reflect the belief that children are best served by maintaining the integrity of the family unit, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.


The mandate of the Kawartha Family Court Assessment Service and its affiliated services are:

a) to provide the Courts with comprehensive, independent, clinical assessments, to assist with the disposition of cases under the following sections of legislation;

i)  Section 34 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act

ii)  Section 54 of the Child and Family Services Act

iii)  Section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act

b) to conduct reviews of children’s placements in institutions of ten beds or more, and to make recommendations regarding the appropriateness of the placements, pursuant to Section 34 -36 of the Child and Family Services Act, this service being provided under the Residential Placement Advisory Committee;

c) to provide both on-site and off-site family mediation for the Family Court in Peterborough, Lindsay and Cobourg; to provide the information and referral staffing for the Family Law Information Centre in the three Family Courts and to provide family information sessions in the four counties. This service is being provided under the Four Counties Family Court Mediation Service.

d) to provide child protection mediation services on an as needed basis for the children’s aid societies in our catchment area (coordinated through Blue Hills Child & Family Centre);

e) to work within the community of children’s services, to ensure that the delivery of services meets the needs of children and families, in the most effective and efficient manner.