Assessment Costs

The Kawartha Family Court Assessment Service has agreements with the Province of Ontario and the local Children’s Aid Societies to provide Section 98 CYFSA assessmentsSection 34 YCJA assessments are provided with the support of the Province of Ontario.

The Kawartha Family Court Assessment Service provides Section 30 CLRA Parenting Time/Decision Making assessments on a fee-for-service basis.  The cost of each assessment varies, but the following rules generally apply:

  • A full assessment costs $7500 + Disbursements (e.g. postage, photocopying, medical reports, etc.).
  • The cost for each party is $3750 + Disbursements.
  • Sometimes, additional interviews are required to complete the assessment, in which case an additional fee of $225/hour is applied.
  • Each party in a Parenting Time/Decision Making assessment must pay a deposit of $200 prior to the case being accepted.  This deposit is non-refundable and will count towards the total fee of the assessment.
  • Updated Parenting Time/Decision Making assessments may cost less if fewer interviews and writing hours are required to complete the report.
  • Sometimes, a Psychological Assessment is ordered by the Court to be part of the Parenting Time/Decision Making assessment.  In this case, the additional cost per person for the psychological assessment will be approximately $2500.
  • In some circumstances, Legal Aid cases are accepted.  Consult with your lawyer for more information about Legal Aid funding for assessments.

The Kawartha Family Court Assessment Service also provides Voice of the Child reports for the Court.  The cost of these reports are $1800 for the first child and $500 for each additional child.