Section 30 CLRA Assessments

Providing Custody and Access assessments for families involved in Family Court matters.

Section 98 CYFSA Assessments

Providing Parental Capacity assessments for families involved with a Children’s Aid Society and Family Court.

Section 34 YCJA Assessments

Providing assessments for youth and their families who have been referred by the Youth Court. A referral is made through the Court using the s 34 Referral Form, following an Order by the Court.

Voice of the Child Reports

There has been a need identified through the Courts, particularly with Judges and lawyers in our jurisdiction, for reports that speak to the views and preferences of the child.  Since children can be highly influenced by their parents, understanding not just what the children want, but why the children want it, is important.  These Voice of the Child reports are prepared by qualified clinical social workers, who summarize the child or children’s views and preferences in a written report, which is provided to the parties’ lawyers and the Court.

Four Counties Family Court Mediation Service

Family Mediation is a voluntary method of resolving disagreements. It provides families with an opportunity to resolve disagreements arising out of their separation or divorce. Parents or separating couples may decide to participate in mediation to negotiate a settlement with respect to issues including:

• A parenting plan for children
• Child support
• Spousal support
• Division of property

Mediation is a cooperative alternative to, or a complement to, the court process and has the potential benefits of saving time, money, reducing conflict, and preserving relationships. It is one of the most effective options when people are willing and able to put aside their emotional differences, anger and frustration to work towards developing a separation plan which is mutually acceptable.

For Family Mediation inquiries, please call the intake coordinator, Alicia Thibadeau, at 705-760-9603, or email her at  The Four Counties Family Court Mediation Service website is currently under construction.  A link to the new website will be added as soon as it is available.

Central East Residential Placement and Review Committee (RPAC)

RPAC conducts residential placement reviews for children in group homes and other residential placements, as per the Child Youth and Family Services Act, for youth up to 18 years of age.  RPAC assists and informs parents, children, youth and service providers as to the availability and appropriateness of residential services and alternatives to residential services, in order to facilitate and/or improve the social supports for children and youth at risk.